Kedungu Beach | Bali Fastest Growth Surf Spots

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Kedungu Beach is a beautiful black sandy beach situated in the tranquility of Kedungu Village, south part of Tabanan Regency or west part of Bali Island. There are no much people knowing this site yet as well as local people since it just start to develop as surf spot in this island of paradise. The beach is just a step from Tanah Lot, the most famous tourist destination in Bali featured by the stunning view of Indian Ocean with black sand stretch 1 km. it is still surrounded by pure natures with rice paddy and Alang- Alang grass surround the area. But now, it was fast growth and develops where Kedungu Beach is very famous among tourist in particularly for surfers from both domestic and foreigner who visit and enjoy the fun surf.

Kedungu Beach is a beautiful black sandy beach featured by great waves for surfing adventures

Surf Spot Ideally for Intermediate and Beginner Surfers

Kedungu Beach is very promising to develop into one of the famous tourist places as well as tourist destination. It is because from day to day, many people were visiting this place especially from surfers who love surf adventures in this country. The beach is well featured by the great waves that challenging every surfer to enjoy the surf adventures. Today, many surf companies in Bali have put this beach on their surf trip itinerary especially for Beginner Surf Trips and Intermediate Surf Trips.

How to Get There?

Bali Traditional Boat

It is very easy to locate this site from any direction. Let start from Denpasar City or Bali’s International Airport, you have to go to the west side of the island by taking Tanah Lot direction and you will pass through good ways until Beraban Village and then you must find the direction of Kedungu Beach or simple ask the local people where the Kedungu is. Why too much intricate just looking for this site? We suggest to contact your local surf company to arrange the surf trip to Kedungu Beach and you will also get the local surf guide who lead and encourage you the proper place.

So What Now? Let’s Get It Done….!! Surfing at Paradise Island of Bali….

Kedungu Beach Rice Paddy

Kedungu Beach Bali
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