Kuta Beach Still Most Favorite Surf Spots in Bali

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Activities, Bali, Spots, Surfing, Tourism, Travels
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Kuta Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach stretch 3 km from Tuban until Seminyak Area featured by the beautiful panoramic of Indian Ocean, spectacular sunset and great waves for surfing. It is the most famous places for tourist to visit Bali either for domestic and international. Kuta Beach is a perfect place to visit and stay where Kuta is well featured by complete tourist facilities that pamper every visitor who visit it. Today, Bali Island has growth many other areas to be same tourist destination like Kuta where we can see many tourist facilities like hotels, restaurants, bars, bank, shopping center etc have been growth significantly to support tourism business. But Kuta Beach is still standing up on the top favorite place to visit and enjoy for surfing especially for beginner surfer.

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Kuta Beach Bali

Why Kuta Beach Dazzle People and Surfer to Visit?

bali, island, kuta, beach, relaxation

Kuta Beach Relaxation

It is simple reason, Kuta Beach has a lot of features that captivate many people including surfers to visit and enjoy the surfing  in this beautiful beach. Kuta Beach is well featured by flat white sandy beach with great waves that continuously flow from time to time. the other side there are many places to go for relaxation around the beach, many luxury hotels, international restaurants, bars and shopping places that you ca do bargain to get one for your souvenirs to bring home. For surfers especially the beginner, Kuta Beach is the most favorite to be surf spots for them when visiting this island of God. The waves are very suitable for them who just starting for surfing where many of them taking surf lesson in this place. So , it is a paradise place for them to go.

Surfing Lesson

For you who never been join the surf adventures or just starting for surf or have a few experience on surf, Kuta Beach is a great place to go. Get your surf courses through the appointed surf company and enjoy your fun day surf at the paradise island of Bali. Bali Surf Advisor is also proud to provide surf lesson that will teach you how to surf well. You sill learn the surf theory from our professional surf instructors to get you through on board from paddling, standing, break the swell, slide the wave and more. Time is on, Let’s go for surfing in Bali….

  1. Sign me up for surf lessons on Kuta Beach!
    Thank you for the follow – much appreciated.
    xo reversecommuter

  2. Yes, Kuta is still favorite in Bali

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