Balangan Beach,

Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is one beach ranks among the beautiful beaches are located in Uluwatu Bali area. This Beach is located precisely in the region Pecatu. Balangan beach has white sand surrounded by a fairly wide with limestone cliffs towering. To get to the Balangan Beach be one way to Dreamland beach because the location is not too far from Dreamland beach.

Balangan Beach

Balangan beach access road to the extreme with winding roads and steep descent, In addition to leisure, activities you can do is surf for the hobbyist this water sport. This place is also a favorite for pre-wedding photo background. Travel to the location of Balangan Beach is about 30-45 minutes drive from Kuta. Balangan beach is dubbed as the secret beaches, hidden because Balangan Beach is located in the south of Bali, Pecatu region and situated between two step rocky cliff, this beach has a coastal length of approximately 1 kilometer to the north. Beach section is dominated by a series of coconut trees to cleanly and unique.

Visitors can also see activity Ngurah Rai International Airport from this beach, on the eastern tourists can see the high cliffs as a barrier and there are grooves eroded by waves. On the western shore bounded by high cliffs filled with plants, especially palm trees, but it also contained some sort of cottage to enjoy the beach from a height. If sea condition is receding you could walk to the Dreamland Beach by continuing westward along the shoreline with. The sand on the Beach is a little rough when compared with other beaches in Bali. The Facilities at Balangan beach is complete, including cafes and inns around the coast. On the beach artifacts thatched stalls, such as Hawaiian nuanced. Visitors can enjoy the melodious sound of waves while eating instant noodles and a cold beer, the artist’s favorite dish, lined recliner without occupants into another landscape on the edge of Balangan.

Besides enjoying the Beach, tourists can also try out the waves at the beach with surfing. Swimming and surfing is an activity that seems to be the appeal of this Balangan beach, but because the beach is located I the southern part of Bali that waves big enough, you should always becareful, but it is also no lifeguard on duty at this beach. To get this beach from Jimbaran you are heading towards the region continued to climb Bukit Uluwatu. Just follow the road towards the object Tourism Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Continues until you find intersection (Nirmala Supermarket), where the road to the left towards the Bali Cliff, straight road towards Uluwatu, and right onto the Balangan Beach. Just follow the path.

reach the beach, you have to down the stairs. Not a lot of steps, just relax because after that you will find a stretch of pristine white sand beach with very beautiful. And, when you get there, it could be just you and a couple of western tourists who were enjoying the beauty of it. In Balangan Beach sand on the shoreline rather soft so becareful when you walk it’s rather difficult to step foot because the loose sand.

Balangan Photos :

  1. How badly do I want to go here?!?!?!
    Gorgeous scenery!

  2. Wendy says:

    Dont go to the north end of the beach (the rocky area with a little sand). The owner of the restaurant by the beach (the only restaurant there btw) is extremely rude. He’s a bald pretty boy with earrings. He has his lackeys doing his dirty job for him. I got in a fight with one of the lackeys because I reminded the owner not to be so rude to customers. Surprise surprise, he called his friends and the next thing I knew I was kicked and punched by 5-6 grown men. It’s such a wonderful beach and it’s really a shame that this beautiful beach is guarded by such degenerates. If you really wanna go to balangan beach, go to one of the bungalows, or at least avoid the north end area of the beach.

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