Kuta Beach

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Bali, Places, Surfing
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2 days ago I was visiting Kuta Beach which is one famous beach in Bali and it has a beautiful panoramic. When I’m on the way to the Kuta Beach, it was very tired trip, because along the way to the Kuta beach, I have to pass the hard traffic there. It caused by Taxi which has stop on the side of the road, and many car which come in and come out at some hotel, it makes me very angry. After I had passed hard traffic, I enter the Kuta beach area, on the left and right side there are so many cloth shop. It is selling a beautiful and good cloth for you to use in Kuta beach, I just look the cloth I’m not buy it because I don’t have enough money. I feel so disappointed I’m not to buy it for souvenir and gift to my parents and my friends. So I continue my trip to Kuta Beach it is around 50 meter from that cloth shops. I’m parking my vehicle at Kuta Beach Parking area, and I should pay Rp 1000. After I enter the Beach it is very beautiful beach I have ever been visited, because any good wave for surfing, beautiful sunset, and also the tourists who sunbathing at Kuta Beach. I walk along Kuta Beach, and I look for food stall because I feel hungry and then I get food stall with affordable price. I’m buying satay with tipat, it is very delicious and spicy and I like it. I ask the seller is that chicken satay? The seller said it is turtle satay. I was very shock because as I know turtle was protected by government because almost extinct. But I’m not believe it. After I finish eat at that stall, I entering the beach and relax while watching the surfer, tourists sunbathing and also do a lazy time while waiting time for sunset. The time has come, so I see the beautiful sunset in Kuta Beach, it is a super beautifull sunset I have ever been seeing, so I think I should take picture that sunset for remembering me I have ever visiting Kuta beach. After the sunset finish I go to home stay around Ngurah rai International Airport.

  1. thanks for the great post. Really love the pics.

  2. Great post, thank you for sharing

  3. […] the surf board along on your trips, you can buy the board at surf board store where spread out in Kuta area or you may rent it where the cost around $20 net/day/board. For those of you who got a short time […]

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  7. […] Kuta Beach is one of the best surf spots in Bali ideally for group surf lessons. Here, we can easily encourage the group surfers especially real beginners to learn surf well, paddling the board, break the swell until standing on waves. Recently, Bali Group Organizer was success to teach 36 people from Christian International School to learn surfing in Bali those are all held at Kuta Beach. Among the group participants, there 4 teacher and 32 student in 16 – 17 years old which are very ideal to start for surfing. The group is very enthusiast and happy to join the surf lessons which we have involved 12 surf instructors to give them some coaches. […]

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  9. […] south part of island or just 10 minutes away from Denpasar City to the west side or 25 minutes from Kuta Beach. This site is fast growth as a tourist place where plenty of luxury private villas and hotels built […]

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