Raining Season – Where to Go for Surfing in Bali

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Bali, Surfing
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Bali Island is a perfect tourist destination offering many places to go for outdoor activities include surfing adventures. While raining season from November until March, Bali still offer the surf spots that the surfers can go for surfing. The best surf spots for surfing during raining seasons are Serangan Beach, Sanur Reef, Biaung or Lembeng Beach and Keramas Beach. It is because those surf spots are situated in east of Bali’s peninsula where the swell become great when the winds flows from the south west to the north east. These surf spots are located in the strategic area with good access and easy to locate. For you who have been familiar with these surf spots, you can go directly but again most of the surf spots has been crowded by local surfer that making you difficult to get the chance, therefore we recommend you to join a surf tour with the expert surf company that will guide you there and obtain the swells since they have looked after the good communication with local surfers.

Bali Wet Season Surfing

Exceptional Surf Spots during Wet Season

As long as the wind is not driving from the south west, Bali still offer many choices of surf spots in the south part of the island includes Uluwatu Surf Point, Kuta Surf Point, Canggu Surf Point, Tanah Lot Surf Point and Bali West Surf Point. Each of surf points are consisted of several surf spots that offering you variety of challenges and experiences. For those of you who need to learn surfing in Bali, the following surf spots you can go includes:

  • Kuta Beach
  • Legian Beach
  • Batu Bolong Beach

Please ensure you join with the expert surf company that will guide you how to surf well and also you may expand your experience at the several surf spots with measurable swell for the beginners.

Well…..Let’s go for surfing in Paradise Island of Bali… Get fun and relax…

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