Keramas Beach – Bali’s Best Surf Spot on Wet Season

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Bali, Spots, Surfing
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Keramas Beach is a world class surf spot that Bali has. It is situated in east part of the island which is about 25 minutes away from Denpasar Airport or 65 minutes from the airport. The swells are great with 5 grade level of quality and 5 level of difficulty those are suitable for experience until pro surfer only. During wet season like this month, this beach is the most favorite spot for surfing adventures and it offers the great swells with some time hollow, fast and there are several spot you may try. Although it sometime has crowded from the local surfers but it still offer the exceptional of fantastic surf when you being holidays in this island of God.

 Keramas Beach, Bali Best Surf Spot

Sliding through the Barrel Waves

Keramas is never stop offer the hollow waves that giving the fantastic experience for surfer to slide in the barrel waves. It was perfectly appointed as world class surf spot because it offers the great challenges with high, powerful and fast waves as well as something double waves that will force you out to the seashore. It is one of the best choices of surf spots in Bali for surfing in particular on wet season because it is situated in east of Bali’s peninsula and when the wind flows from the southwest.

Photo Gallery

  1. […] for surfing during raining seasons are Serangan Beach, Sanur Reef, Biaung or Lembeng Beach and Keramas Beach. It is because those surf spots are situated in east of Bali’s peninsula where the swell […]

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