Bali Group Surf Lessons at Kuta Beach

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Bali, Surfing
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Bali Group Surf Lessons

Kuta Beach is one of the best surf spots in Bali ideally for group surf lessons. Here, we can easily encourage the group surfers especially real beginners to learn surf well, paddling the board, break the swell until standing on waves. Recently, Bali Group Organizer was success to teach 36 people from Christian International School to learn surfing in Bali those are all held at Kuta Beach. Among the group participants, there 4 teacher and 32 student in 16 – 17 years old which are very ideal to start for surfing. The group is very enthusiast and happy to join the surf lessons which we have involved 12 surf instructors to give them some coaches.

bali, surf lessons, group, kuta beach

Group Surf Lessons

Bali Surf School

Bali Surf Advisor is founded in ten year ago was success to provide surf lesson for any one of love to learn surf in this paradise island. We build the surf school to accommodate anyone who interest for surfing and Bali is well appointed as one of the surf destinations in the word therefor Bali Surf Advisor is attending to give them the real surf coaches. We teach them from the beginning of surf includes safety, stretching, theory, paddling, hold the board, break the swell, standing position and rescue. Since most of them are real beginner where are none of them has any surf experiences before, then the best surf spot for them at Kuta Beach.

Twice Surf Sessions

Reminding the number of group participants are big and need much space to encourage them to the water, we have decided to teach them in two sessions. Both sessions are well running smoothly with great experiences that make them want to return. Kuta Beach is very ideal for the group student who wish to join the surf lessons since the swells are flat and a little bit mellow where we can teach them easily to coach them one by one.

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