Why Tourists Love to Surf in Bali?

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Bali, Surfing
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Bali Surf Adventures

It is a common question among the tourism industry to track and find out what the reason tourists come to Bali. As we know that Bali is a very famous place in the world offering very complex of tourist attractions includes the unique local cultures, amazing panorama, friendly people and beautiful sites include the white sandy beaches those are blessed by the breathtaking view and great swell for water activities. The island is circled by the seas where a half of them well featured by the great waves from the lowest swell up to the challenging barrel that was captivated many tourist to enjoy their day surf in this paradise island.

Base on the evaluation from the local interviews to the tourists who visit this island, it was found the reason why they love to surf in Bali?

1. Many Surf Spots Available

It is true that along the coastal area in south part of the island well featured by the great waves with multifarious of challenges those are able to accommodate all surfers from  the beginner up to professional. Bali also pamper the tourists to go for surfing at any weather because of the geographic of the island is situated in the tropical situation that has 2 seasons when both of them not prevent the surfer to go fir surfing. The tourists can choose the surf spots where they love to it to get wet and fun but of course suit with their own surf skills.

2. Easy Swell for Surfing

It is no much need to experience before getting of surf in Bali since the island featured by the easy swell for surfing. When you start to surf or you are really beginner, you do not worry that Kuta Beach is an ideal place to go or reach another surf spot like Batu Bolong Beach but all of them need to be accompanied by local surf instructor. We recommend you to take the professional local surf company to bring you along to get the proper experiences.

3. Many Surf Schools

Bali Surf School

Bali Surf School

Since Bali was decided to be one of the best surf destinations, there are many local surf company offers surf lessons with their own surf instructor technique and experience to perform the surf lesson in proper ways. Bali Surf Advisor is one of the reliable surf company you may have to join with.

4. Close Each Others

You will easily discover the surf spots in Bali due to it is located close to each others. From one destination until the secret spot is easy to locate with good road access.



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