Bali Where to Surf in December 2014

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Bali, Surfing
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The weather conditions in Bali for this December are fully with raining where  the top of wet season will come over the new year. Despite of raining season, Bali still as a favorite place to surf for all surfers in the world since the island is well featured by many surf spots available with exotic panorama. The question is, Where to Surf along the Raining Season December 2014  in Bali Island? The simple answer is east coast since the breaks along this coast featured by great waves. The geographically, the east coast is located in east of Bali’s peninsula where the sea water be spared by the south west’s wind and make the great swells. It is contradiction with west coast that most swells are mess up as well as many rubbishes occur in certain spots.

Serangan Beach

Serangan Beach

Where to Surf in Raining Season?


Serangan Beach is become the most favorite beach to surf right now. The beach offer the great swells for surfing adventure during the wet season  where those suitable for beginner, intermediate either professional. You have to paddle your board to get the break and enjoy the fun surfing in the day even doing relaxation on the beach with your family.


Sanur is well known as a famous tourist place in Bali but the sea breaks along the coastal area has the great swells for surfing. You should join the local boat to get the break due to it is a little bit far. There are several surf posts available as you choice.


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