Our surf trip today is called Bali Sunny Surf Tour where it was great day with full of sun and great waves as well. We got lucky to leave in the paradise island like Bali where most of the beach offers best swell for surfing in particular south coast. My name is Wayan and my colleague Ladra where both of us local surf instructors at Bali Surf Advisor want to share our lovely sunny surf trip in the secret surf spot of Tanah Lot. We took one of our client to join with us for surf session right in front of Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali, the new surf spot with great challenges. The beach is very exotic with sharp coral reef underneath and we have to be careful when surfing at this surf spot.

bali, swells, surf tours

Bali Good Swell

surf tours, sunny, bali

Bali Sunny Surf Tour Program

Surf Spot Access

As we know that the spot is secret and we have to access the special path way where the secure guard has approve it otherwise a little bit difficult to access in particular on high tide. We walk through the beautiful landscape garden with tropical trees surround it and feel was amazing when we meet the surf spot.

bali, fun, surfing

Bali Fun Surfing Day

bali, surf tours, surf spot, access

Bali Secret Surf Spot Access

Mellow Surf Swell

The surf spot is well featured by the mellow swells where it is ideally for intermediate level. But beginner (with experience of course) can try on this spot and of course with professional surf instructor must accompany them. We can do both surf direction here includes left and right hander. One day, you must have surf experience at this spot and we suggest to use local surf guide for local respect otherwise got difficulty to access and get the swell.

bali, surf spot

Bali Secret Surf Spot

bali, sunny, surf trips, surf tours

Bali Sunny Surf Tours


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