Choose Proper Surf Board for Surf Trips in Bali

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Bali, Surfing
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Bali Island is a favorite tourist destination in the word especially for surfers who want to explore the great surf spots spread out in south coast. Each surf spot own specific character of swells and geographical conditions that need a proper safety preparation before we go in. Like surf board, we need to choose proper surf board to facilitate you to move around or easy to paddle on the waves that will help you to bring your sensational of surf experiences in Bali. I prefer my own board with 6.5 or 7.0 size where it fit to my body and I got my sensational when I go for surfing.

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Bali Surf Tours

Bali Surf Board Store

If you got difficulty to bring the surf board along on your trips, you can buy the board at surf board store where spread out in Kuta area or you may rent it where the cost around $20 net/day/board. For those of you who got a short time for surfing, I think the wise way you may rent a board meanwhile if you got long holiday in this country, it prefer to buy one. There are plenty of board style and size available and I believe there is any fit with your desire.

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