Sensational Kuta Reef Surf Tours

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Bali, Spots, Surfing
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Today is full sunny day and fun experience on surf. I and my colleague Ladra have fun surfing at one of the secret surf spot in Bali, Kuta Reef and got the fantastic experiences with great swells where we both sliding and go to the barrel. We take 2 hours on sensational surf session at Kuta Reef and it was totally wonderful with some of other surfers who also attend on this session. Kuta Reef was fantastic surf spot offering the great swells and it is ideally for intermediate and pro surfers. It is located in the south part of Kuta Beach, the most popular beach in Bali.

kuta reef, bali, surfing, surf tours

Kuta Reef Surfing

Boat Transfer

The most sensational surf trip to Kuta Reef is riding the traditional boat where we can hire from German Beach. We took a boat together with other guests and enjoy the boat transfer 15 minutes away and keep it there until we finish for surfing. It is the only way to reach the spot since it is quite far from the coastal edge. We suggest you to join the surf tour program from the reliable surf company when you wish to experience on this surf spot. Our company Bali Surf Advisor is one the surf company has privilege to access this spot and you can contact us whenever you wish to go there.

kuta, bali, kuta reef, surf, boat, transfer

Kuta Reef Boat Transfer

kuta reef, bali, surf spot

Kuta Reef Surf Trips


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