Today is a full sunny day and I got lucky that the swell seems great for surfing. I and some of my friends who are most local surf guides are attending on my invitation to go to Nirwana Bali Beach, a secret surf spot in Tanah Lot, west part of Bali. This surf spot was give us the fantastic surf tours and experiences the great swell, swallow, fast and challenges. It is an ideal for intermediate surfer where the beginners who just pass the latest surf lesson may try this spot. But I recommend always with local surf guide to accompany you on your surfing tours.

nirwana bali, surf trips, surf tours

Nirwana Bali Surf Tours

Hidden Access to Nirwana Surf Spot

It is something you need to get permission to access this spot due to located in the secret in front of the beautiful resort. I recommend you to take local surf guides or contact Bali Surf Advisor since they have a private to access this spot. You will enjoy your fantastic surfing experience and sensational of sliding and when got lucky with barrel waves.

bali, nirwana, surf tours

Nirwana Bali Surf Tours

Beach Characteristic

Nirwana Bali Surf Spot is a rocky beach where surf shoes are recommended to wear. Do not forget your rush shirt, sun screen and proper surf board to bring along. The swell is mellow but fast and right handed is recommended since the big rock is ready to prevent your ways.

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