Serangan Surf Tour with Rachel

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Bali, Surfing
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Today we have a client named Rachel just arrive in Bali Island and we pick her up at the airport and then go to Serangan Beach for surfing tour. It was lucky that today is a great day and full of sun as well as the surf spot was having great swells for surfing. I took her for surfing on the white sandy beach within 2 hours where it was very fantastic trips. Rachel feels so happy we took her there and she also enjoys the panoramic view that Serangan Beach offers the complimentary.

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Serangan Surf Tour with Rachel

Warming Up

As usual, we do stretching to warm our body up before we jump to the water and of course the safety instruction is a must to inform to her before starting. We took a s proper surf board for her due to she not bring it along and start to paddle it on water to reach the break which is a little bit far from the coastal edge. Surfing Tour with Rachel was very fantastic and we got the swells like what we want and now when you will be?


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