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There is something different I feel when I go for surfing in the morning. It was give me more spirit to enjoy my surf tours and got lucky I am leaving in the beautiful country called Bali, a small island situated in the Indonesian archipelagos. The island was surrounded by the sea where most of the beach featured by the exotic panorama and great waves those good for surfing. The beach is not so far from my house as well as other surf spots in Bali. I really enjoy with my life and do surfing at the surf spot I prefer to go.

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Bali Morning Surf Tours

Morning Surf Tours

Today, is a great day for surfing and I go early morning with my colleagues to the beach, brought my surf board and stay for a while to view the waves. Most of my colleagues are local surf guides who also attending for lead some surf lesson in Bali. We start to jump to the water and feel the cool but really fresh water. We paddle the board to the sea and pass the break and select the best waves to go with. We turn together to get the fantastic surf through the breaks and all was fantastic.

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Sensational Bali Morning Surf Tours

Morning Surf Tours Sensational

I got the sensational from the Morning Surf Tours from the condition I feel. It is started from the fresh air and water despite a little bit cool but it was disappear when we jump to the water. It is also good the weather become warm in conjunction with the sun come up and give the hot through the earth. Beside of this, no much crowded we found when we do morning surf tours rather than we do in the afternoon and we got a lot of chance to get the waves. If you got holidays in Bali and do surfing , I think this idea would be worth for you but recommend to contact local surf company to get professional surf guide to come along with. If you not start yet, I recommend to join the Surf Lessons that you can do easily in Bali. The good things in Bali that you can do surfing in all seasons, where the island also has the Surf Spot for Raining Season.

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Sliding Through on Board

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Fantastic Bali Morning Surf Tours


Balangan Beach,

Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is one beach ranks among the beautiful beaches are located in Uluwatu Bali area. This Beach is located precisely in the region Pecatu. Balangan beach has white sand surrounded by a fairly wide with limestone cliffs towering. To get to the Balangan Beach be one way to Dreamland beach because the location is not too far from Dreamland beach. (more…)