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Tanah Lot is one of the most favorite places to visit in Bali Island which is featured by the panoramic view of a secret Hindu Temple set on the rock and encircled by seawater when high tide. It is a famous tourist destination in this island where thousand tourist come to visit every day in particular afternoon where the spectacular sunset create a magnificent view that captivate people to return. Probably not all people known that Tanah Lot is also as favorite surf spot in Bali where the beach offer a good swell which is relatively mellow but powerful.  The great challenges for surfers to slide through the waves with coral reef underneath and stone cliff beside of it.

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Fantastic Surf Trips

Today, I went to Tanah Lot and straightly to the surf spot in front of Batu Bolong Temple. It seem the good luck I had and meet the clear weather with mellow swells. I jump to the water with my own board, paddling to the center and meet other friends who have been there before I came.


tanah lot, bali, surf spots

Tanah Lot Surf Jump from Cliff

tanah lot, bali, surfing

Tanah Lot Surf Trips

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Fly on Sky

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Tanah Lot Fun Surfing


Bali Island is a small beautiful island well known as the island of paradise with exotic places of interests throughout the island, unique cultures, international tourist facilities, attractive tourist attractions and friendly people. That why Bali Island is always chosen as the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. Nowadays, the fastest growth tourist attraction in this island is Surfing, where the surfer can go for surfer at any season including raining season. Bali is geographically situated in the tropical condition and surrounded by the sea where the Indian Ocean just in south of this island. The great waves with a lot of challenges was captivated all surfers to explore their hobby to enjoy the most attractive water adventures in this planet.  The beaches mostly used as surf spots are located in the south of the island where the surfer able to surf in all seasons. During the raining season, there is no doubt for you to enjoy the surf adventures in this island since Sanur Surf Points offers many breaks that you can enjoy surf activities.

Padang Galak Beach

Padang Galak Beach

Where to Go for Surfing on Raining Season?

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

The above question is frequently asked by many foreign surfers who love surf at this paradise island. You do not worry that Bali offers you many spots for surfing adventures. The coastal sides from Sanur Beach until Keramas Beach are the preferable spot for surfing. Especially for Sanur Spots, you have to take the local boat to reach Sanur Reefs that own the great waves for surfing. You can depart from any place along the Sanur Beach and hire the traditional boat with additional charge of course. We recommend you to take a long the local surf guide to lead your surfing adventure smoothly. Here, you can go for surfing at the appointed surf spots during raining seasons as follows:

  • Sakenan Spot
  • All Sanur Spots includes Merta Sari Beach, Segara Beach, Sindhu Beach, Sanur Beach and Padang Galak Beach
  • Beaung Beach
  • Keramas Beach
Sanur Reef

Sanur Reef

Why Sanur Reef and Keramas Beach are Suitable during Raining Season?

Geographically, the beaches from Sanur until Keramas are located in east of Bali’s peninsula and the winds are flowing from west to the east that create the great waves in these spots. You can enjoy the breaks with fantastic experiences that make your holidays to be a memorable one.