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Tanah Lot is one of the most favorite places to visit in Bali Island which is featured by the panoramic view of a secret Hindu Temple set on the rock and encircled by seawater when high tide. It is a famous tourist destination in this island where thousand tourist come to visit every day in particular afternoon where the spectacular sunset create a magnificent view that captivate people to return. Probably not all people known that Tanah Lot is also as favorite surf spot in Bali where the beach offer a good swell which is relatively mellow but powerful.  The great challenges for surfers to slide through the waves with coral reef underneath and stone cliff beside of it.

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Fantastic Surf Trips

Today, I went to Tanah Lot and straightly to the surf spot in front of Batu Bolong Temple. It seem the good luck I had and meet the clear weather with mellow swells. I jump to the water with my own board, paddling to the center and meet other friends who have been there before I came.


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Tanah Lot Surf Jump from Cliff

tanah lot, bali, surfing

Tanah Lot Surf Trips

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Fly on Sky

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Tanah Lot Fun Surfing


Tanah Lot Beach is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali Island featured by the amazing panoramic view of a Hindu temple set on the rock and encircled by the seawater when high ride. It is also featured by the spectacular sunset, beautiful landscape, complete tourist facilities, large parking area, souvenirs shops and great swells that most surfers love it. Tanah Lot Beach is become one of the favorite surf spots in Bali featured by the fat and fast swells with great challenges of rocky cliff surround it. The mellow swells are the favorite for beginner up to intermediate surfers that Tanah lot offers to you.

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Tanah Lot Beach Surf Spot

Best Time for Surfing

Tanah Lot Surf Spot is located in south part of Bali apposite to the Indian Ocean where it has been featured the great swell for the certain period but it is not absolutely valid since the weather may be change. The ideal surfing time on this spot is between March till November where outside of these are raining season where Bali also provide Best Surf Spot during Raining Season.

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Tanah Lot Surf Spot – Fat Swells

Other Surf Spots Nearby


  • medium wave
  • nice view

Best Time for Surfing: middle tide
Best Month for Surfing: March – August
Type of wave: fat and flat
Grade of wave: 2 level
Difficulty: 2 level
Suitability: intermediate up to experience
Beach type: Rock and reef
High of wave: 1 up to 3 feet
Average size 1 to 2 feet

What to bring:

  • Surfing Shoes
  • Sun block
  • wet suite
  • changes clothe
  • towel

Wave direction: left handle


  • Shower
  • Nice access
  • Restaurant
  • Accommodation
  • Art shop
  • ATM machine
  • Surf shop

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