Jasri Bali Best Surf Point

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Spots, Surfing
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In wonderful day we prepared to leave hotel at Kuta. Our taxi driver was confused as to where we wanted to go, because he was a new driver and has never heard of the place we wanted to go. Our directions didn’t help: So I ask my friend from eastern part of Bali, namely Wayan Saplar he is good surfer. Wayan suggest me to visit a beautiful beach in Karangasem Regency, it’s just following Ida Bagus Mantra street until you get to the big white statue of a cow on the right side of the road. I will dial you in from there “Wayan said”. I thought we were headed on a wild goose chase. However, after almost three hours in the cab, we found the statue, and subsequently we found accommodations in the small fishing village of Jasri.

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When we arrived, we were greeted by three boys who offered to help us carry our luggage and my surfboard. There was no adult in site. I laughed as a one of the boy’s struggled with Andre massive backpack as it was twice his size. Despite my offer to take over, the kid insisted.

Jasri Beach is a beautiful beach that is located at Jasri Village, Karangasem Regency. Jasri Beach is around 60 minute from Denpasar and 90 minute from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Jasri Beach is unspoiled beaches with natural scenery that is making Jasri Beach visited by many local and foreign tourist. Jasri Beach is stretches from west to east and divide into 3 areas, that are East Jasri Beach, Menteng Beach and Dalem Jasri Beach where the beach has different function. East Jasri Beach is often used for Hinduism religious ritual (Melasti or purification procession). Menten Beach used by fishermen to go to sea to fishing and Dalem Jasri Beach has calm waves and beautiful coast so make this beach good for surfing by local or foreign tourist at certain season.

In Jasri Beach the tourist not only treated with the beautiful beaches from seaside but they can also rent a boat/jukung always available for fishing with relatively price. Jasri Beach is deserved to be a choice for underwater tourism such as diving and snorkeling because have beautiful underwater garden. Jasri name used for this beach because become from name of the village where the beach is located, it is indented to be easy to remember for everyone who visited this beach.

As tourism object, Jasri Beach has good public facilities, such as food and drink stall, boat rental, toilets, home stay and spa as well as large parking area. Most of all the people at Jasri Village living a fishermen and make a pot made by clay and sell around the beach. Tourism industry on Bali Island will be continue to evolve by support from local people to keep improving the quality of an object.

Andre and I spent five days at Jasri. It was an experience we will never forget. The boys taught us many things. We learned about their culture, namely Balinese spiritual beliefs and rituals. In fact, Andre and I had the good fortune of being the center of two ceremonies during our stay. The first was to welcome us as guests and the second was to cure us of our trouble sleeping. The boys also taught us less overt, but more lasting lessons. Being in their presence gave both of us a deep sense of gratitude.

The boys had little, yet were happy. They emanated a love, tenderness and compassion that is not common in my country; their hearts were open. It was obvious that the JDS boys cared for each other in a way that was reminiscent of a family, a tribe or clan. The older boys helped the younger boys by taking them to school, teaching them how to play board games, showing them how to surf and sharing laughter and play. There was no judgment among the boys. Everyone accepted each other. It was okay for the boys to be exactly who they are. There was no need to strive, to please or to compete. Their way of being was beautiful.

With this new moment, we parted from our new friends, pleased and excited with the lessons they had taught us.

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