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Bali Island is a really best place to go for holidays since the island offers many tourist attractions to see and experiences. The island is surrounded by the sea where most of them blessed by beautiful beach with great swells for surfing in particular the coast in south part of Bali Island. Surfing is one the most favorite water activities that tourist love to join with, it is because the waters are warm with great swells plus featured by the panoramic view.

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Kuta Beach Beginner Surf Spot

Beginner Surfers Where to Go?

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Surf Lessons

When we take the simple question from the tourist especially for those are beginner surfer or anyone who just want to start to surf that the common question will occur ‘where to go for surfing ?’. Now, Bali has developed many tourist sites including surf spots that suitable for all level surfers that means anyone can go for surfing. There are couples of surf spots available and suitable for beginner those are very recommended includes Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Balangan Beach and Serangan Beach. For those of you who never been surfing previously or can not swim well, I recommend you to go to Kuta or Legian Beach since the beach featured by the flat sandy beach with long break, white waves and constant. Meanwhile for those of you who have been experience of surf previously then Batu Bolong Beach can be recommended or Serangan Beach is the only when the wet season we can go there due to the geographical reason.

How do I Go There?

The wise idea to go the surf spot is coming with local surf company where they most offer the professional surf instructors. You will get the right information, direction including the surf theory plus personal guide how to surf well and your target is simple to stand on board. Do not get lost or try to surf your self without professional surf instructor supervision is not the good idea to go. So, it is simple now, just contact the local surf company and then you go…


Balangan Beach,

Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is one beach ranks among the beautiful beaches are located in Uluwatu Bali area. This Beach is located precisely in the region Pecatu. Balangan beach has white sand surrounded by a fairly wide with limestone cliffs towering. To get to the Balangan Beach be one way to Dreamland beach because the location is not too far from Dreamland beach. (more…)